Hope and development started in Norway in 2012 and registered 2014 as International NGO.Hope and Development passion are many, among them Youth life skills is the Highest priority in the developing Countries Rural Area. Burundi is our man focus and our work is starting soon in Butaganzwa/Kayanza Province.

No hope no development, no hope no future. That is why we want to give youth hope trough health and life skills education in terms of motivating youth to be creative without relaying on government Jobs. Life skills trough ICT education is our main concern in poor countries like Burundi, Malawi, Sudan,...

Millions of children around the world are born into a stark reality: will they work in markets and mines, or go to school? Will they be trafficked into slavery, or be free? Will they be child soldiers, or students? Many children grow up in a daily life marked by violence; the images of war, abuse, persecution and loss of family. These traumatized children suffer depression, nightmares, loss of self-worth and often are the source of future aggression. African children are most victims as most of cases were perceived in Burundi due to Civil war marked the country for many years.

All children around the globe, no matter where they come from, have the rights to education, rights to health, rights to nutritive diet, rights to water, rights to care, and all other rights associated to human.

The children who have the access to their rights grow as an independent individual who can break through the cycle of poverty be empowered to take their future into their own hands and play an active part in shaping it.

Who can Help Them ? Your Idea, and contribution can help.

ICT is the key of success, will help us to change the youth mentality, moral and life skills beside many challenges for yourth in the rural area in poor countries like Burundi.

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Our main service is youth life skills education in the rural area , teenagers life care (HIV/AIDS,STD), ICT promotion Youth empowerment, child right and zero pregnancies at school training.we offer teenagers right of expression skills so that they can overcome the culture for better future.

Burundi rural area is our focus for the moment.

With our partners who think about children trough ICT education we can lead them in future success in they lives.

Why ICT?

The ongoing information technology revolution is transforming established sectors from health to knowledge and creating new ones from micro work to apps development.

What struck me so forcefully was how small the planet had become during my decades in prison…. [ICT] had shrunk the world, and had in the process become a great weapon for eradicating ignorance and promoting democracy."

Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, 1994

A planned and sustained integration of ICTs in teaching and learning will transform educational conditions in Africa. The economic potential of ICTs informed the recommendation of the panel of eminent persons, a body appointed by the U.N Secretary General, to focus on the application of modern technologies for youth development (Braimah and King, 2006). This strategy entails exploiting opportunities created by the potential of modern ICTs for social and economic development.

Hope and development partners with organizations and volunteers to make a sustainable impact and transform communities in Burundi by facilitating projects within each of the following domains:

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