Youth Positive Dreams for Good Future

Technology – specifically ICT in Developed countries – has played a central role in young people’s rise to prominence on a global scale. It has helped them mobilize, collaborate and given them a voice where there was none before. It has brought them together in response to social concerns. It has connected them across vast geo-political barriers.

While access to technology and associated electronic content has significantly changed the lives of many young people in developed countries, this is not always the case for those in less developed countries. Access to ICTs such as computers, mobile phones and the Internet, especially broadband, remains a challenge for youth in the developing world. In addition, the cost of ICT access (mobile phones and Internet) is much higher as a proportion of per capita income in these particularly disadvantaged countries.

In Burundi, Young people are rising to the challenge by pioneering the use of ICT, and driving trends in what is a dynamic and major growth industry. While the good news is that they are using ICT in manly in urban areas

The challenge is to inspire them to use it to change their world in a positive way. National and international policy and regulatory bodies, governments, civil society and others can help by recognizing and encouraging the accelerated use of information and communication technologies in development strategies and frameworks for the future.

With ICTs playing a crucial role in applications across the world and at either end of the development spectrum, and with such a high impact on young people, their explicit reference in such strategies is essential.

IN Burundi rural, the Use of ICT is forgotten and the challenges are many: The ICT devices are so expensive, electricity, and lack of education on importance of ICT in development and daily life

Hope and Development in partnership with other Organization will help to innovate ICT in these Burundi rural no Mather how challenging is.



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