Why ICT in Burundi rural area?

Youth in Rural neighborhood do not have chance of auto education and self development. Most of them are hopeless .ICT education in developed countries has been the keys of success in different sectors (Economy, education, justice, Freedom, communication and many more). In Africa especially in Burundi, ICT is forgotten .Some institutions are trying to set up some ICT innovations but manly in town.

Last past years it has been challenging due to lake of fiber optic for fast broadband in Burundi, VISAT connection was quite expensive end were for telecom companies and ISP (internet Services providers) none private should afford the coast. World Bank supported Burundi government with ……. Million to support BBS (Burundi Backbone Service) for Fast internet connection in Burundi for 10 years.

Thus, this connectivity supposes to be beneficially for all population including poor, youth and children in rural area as well as in town. But is not like planed; only population with possibilities and business stakeholder has access on internet and other online benefits.



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