Mobile Phones technology for youth education and empowerment Logical mechanism


Computers will be connected to Ethernet switch for internet connectivity. The internet ISP will be chosen according to availability in the area. 1Mbps/month will be enough for 30 computers.

 The connectivity will be done in 2 phases:

  1. Off line LAN connectivity:
    Due to bandwidth savings, file and local web server will store all data (books, videos, audio) so that users may access them locally without internet connectivity.
    CDL (Computer Drivers License) will be given for everyone who wish to get basic knowledge because many Jobs opportunities demand at least basic knowledge on Excel, Word, Internet usage, basic computer maintenance ….
    We will store Video and E-book in our servers that will be used to by ICT instructors to teach youth and Who ever need certificate will pass on line exam ( CDL, Comptia,…..) and get internationally recognized certificate for Good Jobs opportunities else were in the world.
    Video Editing, sound technology, basic of graphic design courses will help them to start up small business by helping wedding, and other parties camera services.
    Hope and Development will lead out all certified youth with complete tool kit to start up their business.
  2. WAN connectivity:
    Internet connectivity will help users to do research and other related on line benefits like chatting via Social media like Skype, face book ….
    We will have to encourage youth to do research on line and further their knowledge by doing studies on line via some free online course like ALISON, CORSERA ….

    Hope and Development staff will monitor or filter some bad website like porn sites, and other unwanted site so that the use of internet can be helpful not harmful for youth good future.


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